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I love the “Secret Lives of Pets” movies. Illumination Entertainment produced this animated speciality.  They must have put a lot of effort into learning the movements of different pets.  I often wondered what my dog was doing when I was away.  So, I got one of those spy cams.  He does not have a secret life.  He sleeps.  

Our world is getting more and more revealed.  There are driving cams everywhere.  I would tell you some secrets about the cams and what they can do but, I am sworn to secrecy.  I can tell you that they are everywhere.

Any wise businessman will have a video security system.  Just this week, a local business was robbed and then broken into a few days later.  It’s all on video.  Many owners have installed video cams to catch their own employees in the act.  Whenever you go shopping, smile.  You are on candid camera.  

I’ve actually heard of people who video their journeys in the car.  I recently saw a bicyclist with a video recorder on the top of his helmet.  I had the opportunity to ask him about it.  He replied, “I was run over once.  I will not be run over again without video evidence.”  I thought he might have it to record the beauty around him.  Who ever would have thought such?

It doesn’t stop there.  Our cell phones may be one of the best recording devices we will ever own.  Not much goes on that is not recorded by someone, somewhere.  We no longer have to carry heavy equipment.  It’s now in the palm of our hands.  My grandkids use it a lot.  I would, only it does not cross my mind to video things like most do today.  

Our church staff has been talking about live streaming the sermon.  It is not uncommon for a church to do so.  In a sense, you can see the church before you have to be the church.  I probably got that one turned around.  One can be the church before they have to see the church is probably more of a Biblical truth.  It’s no different than keeping an eye on the traffic cams, the baby cam, the doggie cam, and any other cam you can come up with other than Cam Newton.  

One would think with all the video feeds, security cameras, and cell phones our crime rate would drop.  It doesn’t.  It’s like we are not paying any attention that someone is watching.  Red light tickets from traffic cams keep coming.  Recently, a local restaurant was held up and broken into a few days later.  It’s clear the individual knew there was a camera.  He hid his face.  Cameras seem to be for the good people.  

I was reading in Revelation the other day.  It’s like we are on a life cam.  It says in chapter 20 that everyone is going to be judged according to what they had done.  Everybody!  If everything is a heart issue it is probably going to be more than a video cam.  It’s going to display our thoughts and motives as well.  I hope everybody is taking a nap when it’s my turn.  I wonder if the volume can be turned down.  On the other hand, it might be some good entertainment.  Here’s John trying to be a good boy.  Everybody will be laughing for sure.  It will be ugly.  

I think it’s amazing how many people think they will get into heaven because they are good enough.  When those videos are shown, I don’t think anyone will be thinking they are good enough.  Since the Bible says perfection is the only standard, I’ll bet every penny I have that those videos will show how woefully short we all fall.  

There will be an editor for the believers.  According to the next few verses, there is only one thing that edits the ending.  Is your name written in the Book of Life?  The only way it gets there is to follow Jesus.  Our editor will have scars in his hands, feet, and probably on his brow from the crown of thorns.  His back will show the marks of the vile whipping.  However, his embrace will be all that is needed to set the record straight.  

I don’t know about you, but I do know my life video showing all my public and private life will show a need for a Redeemer.  The good news, the gospel, is that Redeemer lives.  I put my hope in Jesus, the Redeemer and editor of my life video.  According to the Scripture, all other ground is sinking sand.  

“Quiet” may be one of the most paradoxical words in our English language. It’s something we all want in our noisy, noisy world. At the same time, we can’t stand too much of it. Even in the Bible, quiet can have this double side.
In I Timothy 4 the Apostle Paul tells his young protege, “Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life.” I wonder, I really wonder, what Paul would write in this fast-paced, over-stimulated world. On the other hand, in Revelation 8, the Apostle John writes his prophecy and states “…there was silence [quiet’s kissing cousin] in heaven for about half an hour.” This heavenly silence was very rare and was a pause before judgments of God were poured out.
Silence or quiet (pick one) tends to occur even in the Scriptures when someone or something demands it or the responder is stymied. The same thing occurs in our lives. Quiet occurs in hospitals, at funerals and in special places. Silence will be demanded when children are screaming in the car. There is a place and a time for silence for sure.
One of the classic Scriptures pertaining to quiet is Psalm 46:10 where we are told “Be still and know that I am God.” There is indication from these words that man has always been scurrying around in this world making noise every step of the way. Maybe we think we can find our significance in making noise. God tells us at this point to take the time to shut up, sit down and focus on Him. Now we have a specific reason for quietness.
Jesus remained silent at one of the most important times…his trial. His silence was purposeful. If he were to speak at this time, the redemption of man might have been in jeopardy. His silence is the lamb taking on the sin of man.
Quiet can be scary and uncomfortable as well. At our church we have a few minutes (actually seconds) to sit quietly before God as we enter into worship to Him. We also may have a time of quiet during confession. Man, it feels like those few seconds go on forever. It’s the same use of quiet in a horror movie. The same concept is in Revelation 8. Silence can be the bearer of bad news.
We can see that quiet at the right time has great purpose. Quiet at the wrong time tends to speak volumes as well. When I was taking counseling courses, a wise instructor taught, “Everything we do and say is counsel. Everything speaks.” Quiet speaks. Sometimes we think being quiet keeps us out of the fray. Not so fast! Quiet speaks when there should actually be words. Quiet at the wrong time leaves interpretation up to those we should be speaking with (notice I did not say “to”).
So, why am I taking so much time to write about something that there is not enough of in our lives and yet scary as well? I have noticed lately that the modern evangelical church is loud in its worship and silent on important issues going on in our world.
Let’s take the latest immigration issue where children have been separated from their families as they try to illegally cross the border. The church sits quietly.
How about the abuse of women going on in our culture? The quiet is condemning on this one.
What does the church have to say about the murder rates in our big cities? The opioid epidemic? Civil rights violations? Issues of justice where the poor are being used in issues like predatory lending? The president when he goes over the line in his attacks and opinions that look nothing like what we read in the Bible? We have gone quiet.
Our quietness demonstrates our inability to develop and promote a response built on the foundation of God’s love and truth. Our quiet is not so much a fear of God but rather a fear that we will lose something. Jesus said, “You cannot serve two masters. You will love the one and hate the other.” Our silence betrays our belief. We have two masters.
It is interesting to study the book of Acts. The early church clearly had one master. They were far from silent. 12 men changed the world. How? Not by being quiet. Can we be humble, loving and caring and not be quiet? Yes! The only thing is we will have to sacrifice. I can hear the quietness from here.