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Every Christmas of late there seems to be the group that insists on emphasizing “keeping Christ in Christmas.”   Bumper stickers appear.  Buttons are worn.  Sometimes, at church, if one happens to mention “Happy Holidays,” he may be treated  as if he violated the 11th commandment.  It can get intense. 

We should not be surprised; the non-believing world has no intention of keeping Christ in anything.  If we are surprised we have bad theology.  We also should not be surprised since reliable faith-based pollsters have been telling us for years the percentage of Christians in our society is decreasing at an alarming rate, especially among the younger generations.  We recently learned the older generations (baby boomers and the silent generation) are now outnumbered by the younger generations (millennials), who are no longer defined as “Christian” influenced.  All the numbers point to a secular society.  

I decided to check it out in my own neighborhood.  I take the dog for a walk every morning and night.  So, I wanted to see what voice the meaning of Christmas has in a neighborhood that has many church-going Christians as residents.

As of December 10th the following numbers have been verified: 

32 Santa Clauses

54 Reindeer

51 Snowmen

39 Trees

8 Mickey or Minnie Mouses

12 Soldiers

3 Wolves

7 Penguins

4 Yeti

3 Trains

2 Unicorns

2 Grinch

2 Bear

1 Snoopy

2 Ocean Creatures (Whale, dolphin)

14 Other (I have no idea)

and 4 manger scenes

That is 223 other representations of Christmas to 4 manger scenes.  Jesus doesn’t stand a chance.   Now, I will admit, it’s early.  We are 2 weeks away from Christmas.  The Christians can make a come back.  We need to put on the Christmas rally caps for a big inning.  Maybe a Hail Mary is the call of the day sort of like the one the Dolphins pulled off against the Patriots last Sunday.  Sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it?  

The only person that has to worry about Christ being taken out of Christmas is the Christian.  We get all upset that the government bans manger scenes from public property; however, traveling to Asheville last weekend and looking around town the last few days I don’t see too many churches putting out symbols of the Christ in Christmas either.  How we get so harsh with the secular world and don’t hold ourselves to the same standard is one of the very reasons the world looks at us and laughs.

Hold on for a minute!  The very message of Christmas is the grace of our Lord Jesus who leaves the kingdom of heaven to rescue us from ourselves.  Instead of being critical of the Christmas expressions, we should be engaging our neighbors with the love of Christ more than anything else.  Manger scenes say I honor the day.  The love of Christ brings Christ to life the other 364 days of the year.  

It is so easy to get critical.  After John 3:16 comes John 3:17.  Jesus said, “I came into the world not to condemn the world but that the world through me will be saved.”  The lights are beautiful in honor of the one who is the Light of Light.  The decorations all display the joy we can have when we sing “Joy to the World.”  

Christian, be concerned more with the lack of love and grace than the lack of manger scenes.  If one wants Christ in Christmas…put him there.  Do so with great grace and love.

Now, after all that I have one question, “When and how did unicorns become associated with Christmas?” I googled it, and Mr. Google says it is a millennial expression against tradition.  On one hand, I can’t say I blame them.  A manger scene without the expression of Christ’s love is a tradition that needs to end.  But unicorns?  Somethings I don’t quite get.  Oh well, Merry Christmas anyway. 


The Ravens won last night beating the Texans in an ugly game. The NFL commissioner handed out big suspensions for the big brawl in the Raiders/Broncos game. There were no significant injuries to key players this week for a change. I can now sit down and plot a winning strategy for my fantasy football team. I don’t really care about the NFL. My fantasy team is more important. It will give me bragging rights for at least 8 months.
Checking the real news, it is a bit of the same old – same old. As far as I can tell taxes are still due on April 15th, the two political parties cannot agree on anything, evil still rules and my favorite teams lose again. Most of what we call news is noise that has no inherent value to most of us. The few that do we won’t be able to find in our “2 minute” world. Did you know that 2 minutes is the average time an individual gives attention to anything on the internet? Did you know the internet is our main source of news and information these days? Did you know that Google handles 90% of all searches on the computer? Who runs Google? Now I got something to occupy my mind for the next…2 minutes. Regardless, I am prepared for the new day.
Today was my day to get the grandkids to school. I wish I could tap their energy. They hit the front door at 6:45 a.m. ready to go. After a quick hello I am bombarded with questions that range from the obvious to the absurd. It doesn’t matter the next two hours will race by as fast as they live.
On the way to work my phone rang 3 times, got 2 text messages and I realized I have 16 emails waiting for response. Don’t panic. I have learned not to text while driving. That doesn’t keep my phone from letting me know the world is waiting for me. Rats! I’m already behind and I drop the kiddos off only 4.3 miles away from work.
In the parking lot I answer the two phone calls. One takes two walking journeys around the building while the other only takes one. I figured out I should get some of the 10,000 steps we are to take daily trying to avoid a heart attack or stroke. It is hard to text and walk. If trees and poles can be avoided it is possible. Please excuse spelling errors. You can tell I have not mastered the audio portion of my cell phone. I better get to my desk and catch up on cell phone usage as soon as possible. It will make my day go smoother and faster. It will also allow a few more seconds something else can invade my world.
Now it’s time to sort through the emails. Sometimes I really miss snail mail. It added suspense as we ripped open the envelopes not knowing what waited for our attention. Not only that but if someone spent a few cents to send it it must have some value. Maybe? Anyway, as my mind was still wondering who runs Google I begin answering the 16 emails. It amazes me how much noise we have in our lives. Most of the noise is taken in with the eyes not the ears. That is unless we plug into our tunes and put the ear buds on.
Eventually I can get down to being productive. That was until 4 more phone calls, 7 text messages and the continual flood of emails on 3 different email addresses. By the way, do you know who runs Google? I still got to figure that one out. The day is wasting. 2 minutes at a time.
Let’ check the “to do” list. Got to write the Bluffton Today article, review Wednesday night training material, prepare for Bible Study on Acts and create Sunday school curriculum. Let’s see where do I start. Can’t quite decide but a few minutes surfing the internet might help. After a few minutes surfing I still have no idea who runs Google and I lost more than 2 minutes even though it only feels like 2 minutes.
Time for lunch. Now that one will take more then 2 minutes. Guaranteed. Let me surf Google and see what the average lunch break is.
The afternoon appointments go on as scheduled. I’m getting the article written. I’ve made a list for tomorrow. Things are going in the right direction. Hold on my phone beeped. Tiger Woods is playing golf again but doesn’t know how much his body can take. I bet it can take at least two minutes at a time. Time to tackle the next item on the list. After 6 more text messages, 13 emails and 1 phone call it’s time to settle in on the book of Acts. I got at least a few minutes to garnish some valuable information. Two minutes later I realized I still don’t know who runs Google. This is important. I’ve got to know.
It doesn’t get any better at home. Dogs got to go out. Cats have to be fed. The eternal laundry needs attention. And the text messages continue. Somebody has figured out I don’t answer the phone in a timely manner. That’s because they want to talk longer then 2 minutes and they don’t know who runs Google.
Dinner comes and dinner goes. A quick recap on the Walking Dead and pertinent sports news makes sense. I have worked hard today. A game of Spades, Exploding Kittens (yes, you read that right), Suduko and my new favorite Block Hexa is well worth a few minutes of total relaxation. It’s cool in our modern techno world. I don’t have to leave the bed and engage anyone even in the games I play. Each game takes approximately…2 minutes. Life is good…I think.
God. Jesus. Who has time for Him. I think I can fit Him in for 2 minutes tomorrow. I’m sure I can find a devotional or article and maybe a video on Google that will satisfy my soul. By the way, anybody know who runs Google because it seem like Google is running me?