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I might not be a Steelers fan, but I do respect them.  I think you all might enjoy this.  I am sure many professional teams reach out to the community.  Even the Cowboys do.  It’s not about the teams.  It is always about the heart. 


  I post this in memory of a dear friends brother.

Thought I would share Dr. Oz’s 25 Health Tips

Their full explaination can be found at


2.  Don’t skip breakfast

3.  Hit the sack

4.  Admire your work

5.  Don’t pamper your bad back

6.  Taste the colors

7.  Brushing is not enough

8.  Take a deep belly breath

9.  Join a yoga class

10.  Don’t be an island.

11.  Avoid fad diets

12.  Be a smart patient

13.  Lose the beer belly

14.  Go green

15.  Sweat till you’re wet.

16.  Put it in the bank

17.  Have as much sex as possible

18.  Know your numbers, and then aim lower

19.  Add some weights

20.  Grab some nuts

21.  No seriously, grab some nuts

22.  Hit the dance floor

23.  Do your penis a favor and step on a treadmill

24.  Learn to cook

25.  Some pills should be popped.

Today has been a day of great conversation.

While delving into the book “Counterfeit Gods” by Tim Keller we came across the following quotations in chapter 4.  Tim was exploring the idol of success in our culture and our lives.  I find them quite worthy to share.

The Seduction of Success

Madonna – “My drive in life is from the horrible fear of being mediocre.”

Chariots of Fire Olympic runner – “Contentment!  I’m twenty four and I’ve never known it.  I’m forever in pursuit and I don’t even know what it is I’m chasing…”

Mary Bell, counselor – “Acheivement is the alcohol of our time.”

Chris Evert – “Winning made me feel like I ws somebody.  It made me feel pretty.  It was like being hooked on a drug.  I needed the wins, teh applause, in order to have an identity.”

Tim Keller – “The family has become the nursery where the craving for success is first cultivated.”


Jesus – “Come to me, you who are tired and burdened and I will give you rest.”

By Belinda Goldsmith
updated 6/1/2010 10:59:53 AM ET

LOS ANGELES — Beer-swilling, doughnut-lover Homer Simpson has been named the greatest character created for television and film in the past 20 years.

The star character of long-running U.S. cartoon series “The Simpsons” beat schoolboy wizard Harry Potter and vampire slayer Buffy to take top place in the survey for U.S. entertainment magazine Entertainment Weekly.

Simpson’s creator Matt Groening said millions of people were able to identify with Homer with his catchphrase “D’oh.”

“The Simpsons,” broadcast in more than 90 countries, is the longest-running U.S. TV series in prime time, now in its 21st season.

“People can relate to Homer because we’re all secretly propelled by desires we can’t admit to,” Groening was quoted as telling Entertainment Weekly.

“Homer is launching himself head-first into every single impulsive thought that occurs to him. His love of whatever…is a joy to witness.”

Harry Potter, created by British author JK Rowling and played by actor Daniel Radcliffe in six films, was described as a “global icon” to take the second place in the magazine’s poll.

The star of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, came third in the list followed by Tony Soprano from HBO drama series “The Sopranos” and comic book villain the Joker played by late Australian actor Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight.”

Rounding out the top 10 were Rachel from “Friends,” Edward Scissorhands from the movie of that name, Hannibal Lecter played by British actor Anthony Hopkins, Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City,” and cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants.

The list of top 100 characters was released on Monday to mark the 20th anniversary of Entertainment Weekly.

Pizza, often believed to be a dieter’s worst nightmare is now getting some credence thanks to pizza shop owner, Matt McClellan, who invented the Pizza Diet.

He was tired of getting hassled at his gym for giving out pizza coupons so he decided to prove that pizza could be a healthy way to lose weight and improve overall health. He consulted a nutritionist at the beginning of his 30 day pizza diet and visited his doctor throughout the diet to document his progress.

In just thirty days here were Matt’s results;

  • Weight– 203 pounds to 179 pounds
  • Bloood Pressure– 140/90 to 118/80
  • Cholesterol– 243 to 157
  • Biceps– 15 inches to 14 inches
  • Chest– 42 inches to 43 inches
  • Waist– 38 inches to 33 1⁄2 inches
  • Hips– 42 inches to 39 inches
  • Body Fat -19 percent to 9 percent
  • BMI– 26.9 percent to 23.6 percent


Pizza Diet Essentials

Matt ate nothing but pizza for 30 days which consisted of 8 slices consumed over a 12 hour period. His first slice was at 9am and his last slice was at 9pm for a total of 2500 Calories from the pizza.

The pizza that he ate was made with skim milk cheese and included healthy toppings such as chicken, broccoli, avocado, pineapple, onions, peppers, and mushrooms. Sorry, meat lovers wasn’t on the menu.

Matt also increased his exercise level to 60 minutes a day alternating between cardio and weight training. Also, Matt didn’t change his habit of having some soda, energy drinks, or alcohol each day because he wanted to prove that pizza alone could be the healthy factor not cutting out unhealthy beverages.


With the pizza diet Matt proved that pizza can be part of a healthy diet if moderation and wise topping choices are selected. He believes that the key to any diet is portion control and that’s basically what his pizza diet is, a way to enjoy a great food, but not eat the whole pie in one go.

I suspect even greater health benefits could be achieved by cutting out the soda or energy drinks and making the pizza with whole wheat crust.

You can read about his whole journey at

I do not have permission to copy the article. Check it out at:

when you are privileged you get all the entitlements you can do whatever you want. see when you control everything you can make the rules to fit a dysfunctional situation by calling it normal.

“This is what Paul was saying. Jesus gave up all his treasure in heaven, in order to make you his treasure – for you are a treasured people (I Peter 2:9 – 10). When you see him dying to make you his treasure, that will make him yours. Money will cease to be the currency of your significance and security, and you will want to bless others with what you have. To the degree that you grasp the gospel, money will have no dominion over you. Think on his costly grace until it changes you into a generous people.”
Tim Keller, Counterfeit gods