Read Through the
Bible in 1+ Year:


2 Samuel 18:1 – 19:10

John 20:1 – 31

Psalm 119:153 – 176

Proverbs 16:14 and 15


John 20:21a


“Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you!….”


Jesus rose from the dead.
Meanwhile, those who were his followers struggled with the
situation.  We would have been no
different.  Our disappointment would have
been enough to do us in even with the resurrection.  The human story would have had us all
thinking that Jesus’ appearances would have been a ghost.  They were feared and confused.


We are from time to time thrown into situations that
bring fear and confusion.  We try to act
like we aren’t but we can easily be shaken from our sense of safety.  Maybe it is a thunderstorm.  It could be more tragic like the death of a
loved one.  It might be the loss of a
job.  It doesn’t take much really.


When we are just like the disciples let us rest in the
words Jesus gives them 3 different times in this chapter.  He says “Peace be with you.”  He is that peace.  He resides in our hearts.  Be at peace, God is with us.  Can you think of anyone better?