October 11, 2011


Read Through the
Bible in 1+ Year:


2 Samuel 17:1 – 29

John 19:23 – 42

Psalm 119:129 – 152

Proverbs 16:12 and 13


Psalm 119:136


“Streams of tears flow from my eyes, for your
law is not obeyed.”


The world around
us seems to have gone nuts.  I think my
parents used to say the same thing.  Sin
seems to abound.  At times it seems like
sin wins the day.  When the evils of this
world affect us personally we tend to respond in anger and revenge.


Here in Psalm 119 we once again see a reaction based on
the view of God and his kingdom instead of our control of this temporary
world.  Instead of revenge he has tears
flowing from his eyes.  Tears.  I got to tell you that is not one of my
responses.  Usually my Irish dander gets
riled and if tears do flow they are tears of frustration.


Here instead we tears (lots of them) for one reason.  God has been sinned against.  We forget that we are safe in the hands of
God as we saw yesterday.  Today we see
that when we grasp the depth of our salvation we don’t have to fear the world
and its evil.  Instead we can mourn that
God in his goodness, grace and love is rejected and sinned against.


It is not easy to take things personally but remember…Our
Lord lives in our heart and with all the grace he has given to man, the sin is
against Him.  Rest in Him for even in our
moments of sin, we are forgiven and his grace is sufficient.  Others cannot experience it, rest in it and
find their way in it.   That is sad