Read Through the
Bible in 1+ Year:


2 Samuel 15:23 – 16:23

John 18:25 – 19:22

Psalm 119:113 – 128

Proverbs 16:10 and 11


Psalm 119:114


“You are my refuge and my shield; I have put
my hope in your word.”


There are four key
words in this short verse.  They
are:  refuge, shield, hope and word.


As the Psalmist speaks of the Lord he gives us two very
visible forms of protection.  The refuge
is a place where all else is under attack we are to run.  I was in Jamaica visiting a missionary.  His home had the bedroom in the very center
of the house.  The doors to the bedroom
were very thick and I didn’t notice it at first but the walls were much thicker
than the other inside walls.  The ceiling
of the room was metal.  He let us know
that in the hills of Jamaica there is the threat of rebellion. The bedroom was
built as a “refuge” where if all else fails, the family was taught to retreat
to the bedroom.  In the bedroom the
family would wait for rescue.


The Psalmist says our God is our refuge.  He is the place where we wait for
rescue.  It is in that relationship we
find our ability to withstand the arrows of the evil one.  It is in Him we are able to stand against our


He also refers to our Lord as a shield.  Sometimes the shield is used to protect.  Sometimes it is used to attack.  Regardless, it is held in the hand and
provides instant support.  Jesus is not
some big God who stands a far off.  It
may seem like it at time.   However,
instead of being a far off, he is right in the middle of our daily living.  His word, given to us later is what provides
a shield of protection and it is his word that also is used to attack our
foes.  In his word we are to remain.


Peter describes Jesus as our hope.  Just as the missionary family will one day
retreat to their bedroom in hope of rescue, we to will rest in Jesus as our
refuge.  We don’t have to fear
death.  We don’t have to fear loss of
this world.  This is not our home.  He is our hope.  While we might not feel it, see it and taste
it, he promises his presence in the midst of our walk.


Place your hope in the Lord the verse says.  All else will fail us.