Recently a mom in her late 60’s left her job to rescue her 40 year old son.  As the story unfolds, he has addiction issues, basically living free in mom’s house, unemployed, living with a woman who put him in jail, there is a child in the middle of all this but it is not his and so on and so on.

Mom is rescuing her adult child AGAIN.  Everyone tells her to leave him in jail.  She can’t.  She went down to spend several thousand more dollars.  She wants to kick out the woman but guess where he will run after he gets out of jail?  We all know…and it won’t be mom.

I understand a mom’s desire to care for her son.  I know, my son in his early 20’s had major issues.  We rescuded him.  He also knows that there will not be a second time.  Not that we would not extend grace and love him but there is no money but more than anything, everyone deserves a second chance to learn lessons.  However, you don’t learn the lessons…especially as an adult…it’s your life.  I hate it.  He is my son.  I love him.  But, that is the way I see it.  You get grace…but when you abuse it…it’s up to you to figure it out.  I know, I sound harsh.  Not really.

Check out this link:

It is an article about 20 year olds and how they just are not growing up. 

Personally I don’t think it needs a long article.  How I see it:

1.  Parents who have their issues and early on tried to find the love they want from their kids instead of God and thier spouse.

2.  Growing narcissim within our culture.

3.  Image is everything.

4.  Enablers, enablers, enablers

5.  God is no longer sovereign, my money is (what a joke). 

One other stat I saw recently…boys used to move out of adolesence by the age of 21.  Recent studies show boys with major signs of adolesence up to and around the age of 28.  We wonder where all the good men have gone???

I forgot…one other thing…when we really think we can live in a pain free world, we will do everything to keep our children from it.  Problem is…we learn the best lessons of life from the pain it offers.